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Workplace Benefits Insurance

A Guide to Workplace Benefits Coverage

This is a category of insurance that employers will often use as a mechanism to handle employment-related illnesses and injuries for their workers. Injured employees can often still be protected by workers’ compensation coverage even if they are at fault for the injuries sustained. Since these benefits are part of an insurance package offered to workers, employees are therefore prevented from taking legal action against their employer for any covered injuries- This coverage takes care of both the employer and employee simultaneously.

The Coverage Details

A typical worker’s compensation package is engineered to cover injuries that are the consequence of either employers or worker negligence. The myriad of injuries covered are far reaching, however there are some limitations to keep in mind. For example, testing for drugs can be initiated on an employee who is hurt in order to be sure that were sober at the time of the accident. Should the test prove positive for of drugs at the time of the accident happening, then the worker can be denied any benefits as a result. Compensation can also be turned down where injuries are self-inflicted, if the worker somehow violated company procedure, or if the employee wasn’t actually performing his or her job at the time of injury.


Despite payments being quite reasonable, workplace benefits insurance will handily cover the following:

• Medical costs due to the illness or injury
• Income Replacement
• Permanent Injury Compensation
• Costs Incurred for Retraining
• Benefits Provided to Family if the Covered Employee Passes while on duty

Note that these benefits are not just narrowed down to immediate consequences from accidents. Coverage can also be in effect for illnesses or injuries that come into play over time as a result of work related issues.
To stress once again, having this coverage means that if the worker accepts the benefits offered he or she cannot sue their employer for related issues. Additionally, this coverage will not pay out for pain and suffering.

Coverage for Employees

Most workers can be eligible for this coverage; however the details can change from state to state. Workers often excluded from these benefit packages include:

• Company Owners
• Volunteers or Interns
• Independent Contractors
• Private Home Workers
• Some Part Time Workers
• Maritime Workers
• Farm & Railroad Workers