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Community Cause

Children Facing Serious Diseases or Disabilities

As a dedicated family insurer in the Winston Salem region, we know exactly how shocking it is when a parent receives a diagnosis of cancer or a serious disability for a child. Most families are entirely unprepared to learn that their child has been diagnosed with cancer, autism, or one of the many other serious conditions affecting young people in our community.

Holdenrid Insurance Group is launching a relief campaign to provide support to the families in our area living through these kinds of challenges.

Ambassadors for Families in Need

As western North Carolina Regional Ambassadors in the #AgentsofChange network, the Holdenrid Insurance Group is committed to the safety and well-being of families in our community. We will be supporting a broad range of programs and agencies in our area that offer financial and logistical support, quality of life improvements, and counseling and therapy services to the families of children receiving treatment for a major disease or disability.

With thousands of affected families in our area, we need your help to make this campaign successful.

Help Us Share our Message

To help, all you have to do is let us share our message with others. Invite your friends, family members, neighbors, or co-workers into the Holdenrid Insurance Group for a free insurance consultation from our team. While they’re here, we can offer them more information on this campaign. And when they leave, we will send a donation IN YOUR NAME to a regional program or agency that operates on behalf of the families of children in medical crisis.

Making Life Better

This is your chance to make a big impact in the lives of families that are desperate for help. Please join us, and let’s make life better for all the children in our community facing difficult challenges.


Michael Holdenrid

Holdenrid Insurance Group

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