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Fighting Against Canine Euthanasia


Do you know what happens when a new dog comes into a shelter, that is at maximum capacity and does not have space for another dog? The shelter must then take the dog that has been at that shelter the longest and euthanizes them, to make room for the new one.

While these animal shelters are doing their absolute best to feed, heal, house, and give these animals second chances, it is still a broken system.

At Holdenrid Insurance we want to give these animals more time to find their forever homes. We don’t believe that any animal should have to be euthanized. That is why we are proud to continue our support of Project No Kill. This second chance foster-based organization saves K-9’s from euthanasia by placing them in temporary homes while they work to place them with new, loving, responsible owners. Their efforts don’t stop there. They also rescue dogs from abuse raids, unfit and neglectful owners, and take in strays.

We know that with the help of the community we can raise the funds needed by PNK to continue their mission to save canines from neglect, abuse, and certain death.

How can YOU help? When you recommend a friend, co-worker, family member, or neighbor to receive a quote, we will donate $10 in your name to Project No Kill. Yes, that is $10 for each person you refer to us.


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